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Cannovex is a Belgian-based biotechnology company developing first-in-class cannabis-based medicines.

Starting from a unique and proprietary collection of diversified and rare cannabis genetics, we breed and register highly specific medicinal plants. We go beyond the world’s highest cultivation standards to ensure an ultra-stabilized pattern of plant components. These components are carefully selected to target specific diseases.

Our plant materials serve as a leading-edge API-platform which we develop further into patented prescription medications for many different indications and in diverse pharmaceutical forms and dosages.

In collaboration with EU University Hospitals we bring our products to EMA regulated clinical trials for various diseases, leading to proof-of-concepts (PoC). These Cannovex PoC are the basis for partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to run end-stage clinical trials and to commercialize our products on a global scale.

Cannabis-Based Medicine (CBM) is a registered medicine that has shown clinical evidence during EMA  approved clinical trials.

Furthermore any CBM will be registred as a prescribtion medicine and as such it is safe, effective and standardized (3 key elements that are not guaranteed with medicinal cannabis).

Cannabis-Based Medicine is evidence-based, registered medicine, while ‘medicinal cannabis’ refers to the medical application of the cannabis plant and/or extracts. ‘Medicinal cannabis’ lacks standardization, clinical evidence and is often not reimbursed by health insurance companies.

There are many different types of cannabis plants. Most of them are either used for industrial purposes, or have been selectively bred by the clandestine market to express abnormally high amounts of THC (the primary psychotropic ingredient).

Cannovex will develop specific cannabis plants that are bred to contain all the desired active ingredients that are necessary to develop Cannabis-Based Medicine. These new ‘chemotypic’ varieties are developed through a rigorous scientific breeding program from our proprietary collection of cannabis genetics.
None of the developed cannabis varieties are genetically modified organisms (GMO).

No. The National Cannabis Agency is responsible for the distribution to pharmacies.



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